Cabinet Refinishing Color Options

Cabinet Refinishing Color Options

Cabinet Refinishing Color Options

Nov 19, 2015

With cabinet refinishing, you have hundreds of color and style options available to you. ?You are no longer limited by companies that only provide a handful of color options for your renovation. We have many finish techniques available, including color wash, hand tipping, glazing, highlighting, fly-speck, crackling, ?striating, along with hundreds of colors of paints and glazes. ?With these color and technique options at your disposal, the sky is the limit in the finish we achieve for you.

Do you want a look that is unique to you, unlike anything your family and friends have in their homes? ?Espresso Finishes is only limited by your imagination! ?Achieve a custom high-end look for a fraction of the cost of purchasing cabinets new.

So, go ahead. ?Search through photos of kitchens online that grab your eye. ?

Whether you love a trendy painted white kitchen, a vintage look, or even dark, beautiful espresso cabinets (our specialty, of course), it?s time to dream again! ?Our goal is to make you and your cabinets look great, giving you the color and style that brings your favorite colors to your home. ?

You can be proud of the look you achieve. ?Call today for a no-obligation color consultation and let us help you start making your dreams come true!?(352) 464-0846

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