Cabinet Refinishing Tampa Fl

Cabinet Refinishing Tampa Fl

Cabinet Refinishing Tampa Fl

Sep 10, 2018

With Cabinet Refinishing Tampa Fl, you have hundreds of color and style options available to you. ?You are no longer limited by companies that only provide a handful of color options for your renovation.

Cabinet Refinishing Tampa Fl have many finish techniques available, including color wash, hand tipping, glazing, highlighting, fly-speck, crackling, ?striating, along with hundreds of colors of paints and glazes. ?With these color and technique options at your disposal, the sky is the limit in the finish we achieve for you.

Cabinet Refinishing Tampa Fl

Do you want a look that is unique to you, unlike anything your family and friends have in their homes? ?Espresso Finishes is only limited by your imagination! ?Achieve a custom high-end look for a fraction of the cost of purchasing cabinets new.

So, go ahead. ?Search through photos of kitchens online that grab your eye. ?

Whether you love a trendy painted white kitchen, a vintage look, or even dark, beautiful espresso cabinets (our specialty, of course), it?s time to dream again! ?Our goal is to make you and your cabinets look great, giving you the color and style that brings your favorite colors to your home. ?

Cabinet Refinishing Tampa Fl services help save homeowners huge over replacing or refacing, with a more satisfying and fresh look for their kitchen (or bathroom)!

Cabinet Refinishing Tampa Fl knows all the tricks

You will be absolutely amazed by the designs and the ambiance you can end up with in your kitchen or bathroom through the process of . The cabinetry ends up looking better then new because the designs are completely custom tailored to your preferences and desires.

There is nothing that adds more value to your home then the look of your kitchen and bathrooms. The investment into a Cabinet Refinishing Tampa Fl project pays for itself through the ROI you receive into the value of your home.

Plan the Smartest Layout

Three Things to Bring to Your First Meeting With the Kitchen Planner

An experienced designer can save you time and money by heading off potential problems at the pass.

how to maximize storage, smart substitutions for high-end materials, even the best local contractors for the job. But first, they need a few things from you.

An architectural rendering or to-scale drawing of your existing kitchen, showing the location of windows, doors, heating, plumbing , and electrical outlets. If you’re not working with an architect, you can do it yourself with 3-D kitchen design software. (Take a free test-drive at, the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s website.)

A detailed wish list indicating your goals for remodeling. Do you want more space? More storage? More style? A built-in dog bed? Organize it by priority, from the “must-haves” to the “in our dreams.”

An idea folder:

pictures of rooms, products, materials, and architectural details that appeal to you; notes on what you like about friends’ kitchens (and hate about your own); and general concepts translated from other areas of your life. Are you a neat freak? Glass-front cabinets are sleek, but you may be happier with painted doors that conceal clutter.

Five Questions to Ask Yourself: A Kitchen Personality Quiz

Repeat this mantra:

Form follows function. Answer these questions about the way your household uses the kitchen, then see the analysis below for design ideas.

Since you rarely cook labor-intensive meals, spend your appliance dollars on an energy-efficient side-by-side refrigerator, an easy-to-clean cooktop, and sturdy cabinetry with ample space for household staples. Think in advance about ways to control the inevitable clutter from all that family activity, such as an adjustable shelving system or cubbies fitted with bins.

Remember resale. Spend your makeover dollars on practical, clean-lined cabinets; good-quality basic appliances; and conveniences like a built-in recycling center.

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Be careful not to spend too little on the kitchen:

Quality counts with homebuyers, and a shoddy new kitchen is no better than a dingy old one. It will be money well spent. In the current real estate market, you should be able to recoup between 87 and 125 percent of your investment.

Choose a cooktop with controls at the front or side, not between burners, and click-and-turn knobs that kids can’t light by mistake. Don’t skimp on ventilation: The mightier the stove, the more powerful the range hood required. And be sure your design plan includes plenty of GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) outlets to avoid the use of extension cords.

You can be proud of the look you achieve. ?Call today for a no-obligation color consultation and let us help you start making your dreams come true!?

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