FAQ Process

After an initial personal or online consultation, we will send you a proposal for your cabinet work. Our crew will arrive at your home on the date agreed upon, label and remove your doors and drawer fronts, and begin to prep your entire kitchen (or bath). Cabinet and drawer openings, counters, floors, walls, and appliances will be covered to protect from overspray. Products will be sprayed using an HVLP sprayer, except for glazes and distressed finishes which will be applied by hand. Once your kitchen sitework is completed (usually 1 to 2 days), we will go to work on your doors and drawers in our workshop. While we refinish your doors, you can use your kitchen utilizing the ?open shelves? concept. Within a week, we will return with your beautiful new doors and drawer fronts, reinstall them, and add the new hardware. Any minor touch ups will be completed at this time. You are now ready to enjoy your ?new? kitchen!
Although we are able to make most cabinets look beautiful with a new finish, there are some doors that may not give the customer the shape and style they need for a remodel project. Depending on the finish, we can refinish your current frames and add new doors. Utilizing your existing frames will allow us to keep costs lower and allow you to completely change the look and feel of your kitchen for less than replacing.
Depending on the finish chosen, most jobs can be completed in under a week. The amount of time spent finishing your frames and flat surfaces is usually from 2-3?days.
Yes! Our high?bonding primers and durable coatings provides a beautiful, durable finish that works on laminate surfaces as well as all kinds of wood.
It is common to?refinish the interiors of the cabinets when there is a glass cabinet door and the inside would be visible from the room; however, since the cabinet interiors are primarily neutral, most customers do not feel a need to have the interior of their cabinets refinished. If it is desired to have the insides of the cabinets done, the customer is responsible for emptying out cabinets.
We do not recommend our finishes for countertops.
No! That is one of the benefits of refinishing! Just remove any needed items for the couple of days we will be working on your sitework. You will be able to use your cabinets with ?open shelves? while we work on your doors and drawer fronts.
Our process utilizes durable products with a professional spraying process, which will give your cabinets a ?Factory Finish?.
If treated like other furniture in your home, your cabinets should last many years, as long as a new set of purchased cabinets would last.
We recommend that you keep your pets and children in another room while we are spraying, but our low VOC process allows you to live in your home while your cabinets are being refinished.
We ask that the customer purchase the hardware separately. We are happy to install the new handles or knobs when we reassemble, however there will be an additional charge to add or fill holes if the sizes are different.

FAQ Pricing

The total cost to refinish your cabinets will depend on the number of cabinet doors, drawers, the amount of repair work needed, the finish you choose and whether you have additional crown molding, open shelves, and islands. As a rule of thumb, our cost is approximately one fourth to one third of the cost to replace the cabinets, and about half the cost of refacing (attaching new doors and a veneer on the frames).
We ask that you send a 50% down payment along with a signed copy of your proposal to lock you into our schedule. Final payment is due when your cabinets are finished.
Yes, when a quote is given, both sides of the doors are included with the price.

FAQ Warranty

Although we believe your finish will look beautiful for many years, we offer a one year warranty on our process and finish. Please let us know during this time if you have any questions or concerns about your cabinet finish.

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