Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Tampa

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Tampa

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Tampa

Sep 10, 2018

Two Triangles are Better Than One: The Best Layouts for Busy Kitchens

The kitchen triangle? that three-sided connection between the stove, sink, and refrigerator? is practically sacrosanct in Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Tampa design manuals. But in today’s family kitchens, often one triangle isn’t enough.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Tampa

The island workstation:

Depending on the shape of your kitchen,?it can make the work of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Tampa efficient? in a large space, it can tighten the legs of the triangle to the recommended distance of between 4 and 8 feet.

In a two-cook kitchen, the island can be a pivot point in a series of triangles, especially if it includes a prep sink or a dedicated workstation, as for baking. In a compact kitchen, consider a rolling island that can be tucked against a wall when not in use.

The zone approach:

Before you settle on a layout, map out the prevalent traffic patterns in the room: for instance, from fridge to sink to stove; toaster to coffeemaker to computer desk; homework station to fridge to back door. Then set up distinct areas, or “zones,” for each set of activities.

For convenience and safety, try to keep zones from overlapping ? the refrigerator, for instance, should be at the outer corner of the cooking zone so that kids can access it without having to pass near the stove.

The good news is, you should be able to recoup most of your Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Tampa costs . The bad news You have to pay for it now. Limit spending to no more than 15 percent of your home’s market value.

Then, once you’ve come up with a budget number, lop 20 percent off the top and squirrel it away for unexpected necessities ? like shoring up the floor so that new cast-iron Aga stove doesn’t go crashing into the basement.

Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes

In a perfect world, demolition starts on time, deliveries arrive on schedule, installation takes place without a hitch, and cleanup is quick and easy. Chances of all that happening are slim enough; don’t shrink the odds by falling prey to these common pitfalls.

Hiring the wrong GC. Never hire a contractor who makes you uncomfortable, no matter how highly recommended or how low the estimate. If you feel like the contractor is someone you can’t trust, keep looking.

Putting the job out for bid without clear enough specs. Unless you account for every detail of the project up front, you won’t be comparing apples to apples when you solicit bids.

That means specifying the type of flooring, countertop material, lighting, even cabinet hardware. If you don’t, a contractor might assume higher-end choices (which may be more difficult to install), and you could end up overpaying.

Getting distracted from your ultimate goal. Have you ever made a run to Lowe’s to pick up a plunger and some window screening and come back with $200 worth of tools and gadgets you didn’t really need? The same goes for kitchen remodels. “There are so many toys out there,” says architect Dennis Wedlick. “That’s why it’s essential to make a wish list?and to stick to it.”

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Tampa knows all remodeling techniques

Trying to keep up with the Joneses. If frozen pizza is all you ever pop in the oven, a conventional stove will serve you just as well as that newfangled induction range ? and save you thousands of dollars besides. You can always upgrade appliances later.

Settling for a cookie-cutter kitchen. Let’s face it: The next owners of your house will start dreaming of ripping out your fantasy kitchen as soon as they move in. Unless you’re planning to move within the next couple of years, go ahead and build the kitchen that works for you and your budget.

But be careful not to over customize it is better to leave it in the hands of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Tampa professionals. What’s perfect for you today (built-in seating for the kids?who will soon be too tall to use it) may prove limiting tomorrow.

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Changing your mind?again. Time is money. That’s what Benjamin Franklin advised tradesmen way back in 1748, and indecisive homeowners would do well to heed his warning. Regretting, reordering, reconfiguring?it all leads to delays, changed work orders, and tapped-out budgets. It also tests the patience of your contractor, who’s got another job lined up after this one.

Living with a dysfunctional space because remodeling is a hassle. Life’s about thriving, not just surviving. Just think, with a little time and effort, you could have the kitchen you’ve always wanted. Not to mention a few (happy) kitchen remodeling stories of your own.

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