Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Florida

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Florida

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Florida

Sep 10, 2018

One of the most dramatic ways to give your kitchen a new look is to change your cabinets by hiring Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Florida services.

There are a number of options available today with Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Florida services. The most expensive choice, of course, would be to replace the cabinets completely. But, if your cabinets are well-made and in good condition, another more cost-effective route may be the better choice for you.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Florida

One such option would be refacing them

This involves applying a new wood veneer to the cabinet bases and installing new doors and drawers. You can also keep the wood look by having the cabinets stripped, bleached and refinished (a messy and expensive process with sometimes disappointing results).

The last, and possibly the best option would be to refinish the cabinets, either by painting or staining, which can be the most cost-effective of all, and offers the best return on your investment.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Florida is able to offer you hundreds, if not thousands of color options to give your cabinets a brand new durable finish.One of the surest ways to shave costs is to do more with what you’ve got.

So before taking the sledgehammer to your existing kitchen, try this: Empty every drawer and cupboard. Revisit where you’ve been putting things. Is there an organizational scheme that makes more sense?

Think in zones, storing items closest to where they are used. “In the end,” says architect Dennis Wedlick, “you may like the reconfiguration so well that you’ll decide to just paint and stick with the kitchen you’ve got.”

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Florida for a complete makeover

And if you do go forward, you’ll have a clearer sense of how you really use the kitchen, which will help save time and money on the redesign.

We install new hardware when your cabinets are completed to give the room a completely new look.

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New countertops and flooring, combined with refinished cabinetry and snazzy new hardware can work wonders. In addition to providing new design options, refinishing can greatly improve the durability of Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Florida, adding years of life. And don’t forget your bathrooms. Refinishing cabinets and drawers in those areas will provide dramatic changes for those spaces, too.

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